Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoops, I skipped the 9th.

Yeah so I blogged the 10th before the 9th by mistake, my OCD tendencies picked up on something being "off" and this was why, lmao. :P I can't stand things out of order. So this is the NINTH.

Anyway, some more playing in our yard. First two photos are clickable. :)
She loves pine cones. Sometimes she calls them "pine corns" and got me saying it now too by mistake! Kick. Oh and these Keen sandals ROCK. We luvs 'em. :)
Dragging trees. The hit of the day.
Don't you love our "green" grass?
Peeking diaper. This girl has no interest in peeing on the potty. She has an itty bitty waist and long legs...her pants tend to do this! She can wear 6-12, and 12 month shorts but can also wear 2t, 3t jeans/pants. 2t mostly. She grew an inch and a half this past month. Current stats, 25 pounds, 34 inches, big ole size 7-7 1/2 shoe. One foots a wee bit bigger than the other.
Look like another picture? This is the day after if I remember correctly. What fun it is to sit in mud tire tracks.
Tree hugger. Really. :)

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