Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunny Day, April 28th

So this was about midnight but technically the 28th and of course it's usually the norm for her to be up still. A whole other blog..and a long one!

She was trying to get my "gully gully" and tickle me. This is very fun and amusing to her. It's the little things that light up her world.

She was looking up into my lens. She loves my new camera too. She even smiles for this one. I do too! Love. The sound of the shutter to my ears. Really!

Making me make a shadow on the wall.

More box fun. I get deliveries ALL the's normal for a box to almost always be laying around. Who needs toys, we have boxes! She kept making me fold her up and close it up. When her dads home she makes him pull her everywhere. FINALLY, it was WARM out. YAY!!! About frickin' time! Never imagined getting outside sleeveless let alone bottomless. Her dad had her out in just a diaper but mommy made her put at least a shirt on. This is last years tank top, still fits with extra room. I was hoping it would. She has a few cute things from last summer I was hoping would fit still.

She played in the sand for a loong time. She even went out barefoot!! She normally refuses to go out barefoot cause she hates dity feet but she was loving the newly warm weather too and shoes was the last of her worries.

9 out of every 10 photos, I swear her eyes are closed.04/28/09

Hugs for dad.


Watching a bug. She used to love she's scared to death of them Partially mommies fault. :/ My freak out with a spider may have traumatized her...
Throwing sand at me. Naughty. I guess it's hard to understand no when your being laughed at. I couldn't help it. I was just happy to have sun!

Just relaxing.

I swear she'll be climbing on her own before summers over!

Digging up rocks, handing them to dad saying "heavy". Don't let her size fool you..she's seriously a tough cookie! These rocks are nothing but you sould should see the things she lifts and the force behind her swings. Yeah she's been known to hit the last couple weeks. Where did that come from?04/28/09

The look you get when you say, "we need to go inside now". She got away with another 20 minutes before having to go in.04/28/09

p.s. new post below this blog as well. :)


Sarah said...

I love the climbing tree pictures! Ha so cute! ...and of course daddy hugs pictures. What kind of camera did you get?

Stacey said...

canon xsi, still with kit lens on.