Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Balance Beam Accomplished

Okay so not a "real" one, but hey, it works lol. ;) Yes, we play in the dark, lol. Through all weather too.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Smile and say cheese.

Every time I grab the camera (this is like 300x a day, lol) Tehya used to cover her eyes and hide. Now she finally smiles for the camera and sometimes says cheese for me. Yay, so exciting coming from a camera and picture happy mama. I tricked her this time though, she thought I was taking her picture when really I was recording. Sneaky. Oh and please, pay no attention to my annoying and repetitive voice in the background. I didn't know I was that annoying until I played the tape back..I wanted tell myself to shut up, lol. Anyway. (Does your screen have 2 of each video too? Weird, I can't fix it)

This one is my favorite, wait until you are 30 seconds in to see why. I'll put this one first even though it's the last, in case anyone gets bored of video's and don't make it to the last one, lol.

Smile and then whacks the camera.

Say cheese. Only in Tehya language cheese comes out as "teee" at times.

Cheese again. Obsessed mama here. lol. :) Notice she's frowning first, then smiling.

And again.. (last video I promise)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randomness from the last few days

Is randomness even a word? Spellcheck didn't pick it up so I guess it is, lol.
Sniff face. I actually got it on camera. Tehya's been doing it forever but I never can catch her on camera. She sniffs everything. Food, the air, flowers. Oh and feet! That little toe sniffer! A favorite saying of hers is "stink stink". The second pic is mine and my moms feet, lol.

Here is my little bookworm. Always got her nose in a book. Going to be a smart girl.

Finally, I got her new car seat. Took 3 weeks to get here!! Tehya has a Boulevard in Onyx in our car, we got the Shannon for my mom's car. Oh they are the same thing but they are pretty different! The part that buckles by the crotch in the Shannon is much tighter and more snug than the Onyx. Glad she's not a boy! The shoulder pad things in the Shannon do NOT remove. The Onyx they do. The latch to tighten and loosen the straps in the Shannon are hard to get to, the Onyx is not because you can lift the fabric. I was expecting identical seats but I guess not. Oh well.

Saturday we were at a benefit for my uncle. Tehya had a blast, she ran around with her cousins, she especially loves Madison. Just run back and forth and back and forth, crawl under a table or two..maybe even attempt at climbing one of these chairs until mom notices and pulls me down again. Probably what she as thinking.

Determined To Climb the Rock

Reminds me of THIS picture from the summer..

Just like me, Tehya loves frogs, toads, lizards. Except this one time she attempted murder on a toad! She mistook it for a bug.

Random Picture. I said "smile" and she did real big but by time my stupid camera took the shot this is what I got, lol. I hate shutter delay!

Lastly from Monday, here's another random shot. Her reaction to the vacuum cleaner.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tehya's new look

So today I went all out on Tehya, I put some make-up on her and gave her hair extensions, how does she look? Go to http://www.taaz.com/. I got a freaky flash forward after doing this! No, I'm NOT a pageant mom and don't believe in pageants for babies and toddlers. I was just playing, a ONE time thing. :)
While I'm here I have a mini story to tell I thought was cute. You know those heart beat bears? Well I replaced the battery in Tehya's, she has never really used this bear but I figured what the heck, I'll try it. It's quite soothing, puts me to sleep, lol. I've been laying her down with it lately and she seems to like it. When she's awake she plays with it, turns it on/off, quiet/loud. Anyway, back to my point. She was up this early morning with her dad, I slept in a little (yay) and she comes in, crawls on the bed with me, plays a little, grabs my face and hollers "mama" over and over. We co-sleep so the bear was already in my bed and so Tehya takes the bear, turns it on and rests it by my head. She crawls off the bed an went in the other room. Guess she wanted mommy to get some sleep? I dunno, I thought it was cute. ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crayons and Cheerios

It all started with the tub crayons. Tehya LOVED them. It was like her all time favorite thing and still is. She used to sit fully clothed OUTSIDE the tub and color the tub for a good solid hour, completely content. Well now the little booger has started taking regular crayons and coloring EVERYWHERE. I think she may have confused them with tub crayons and those tub crayons influenced her to color everything. Who wants to be restricted to coloring just in the bath tub? So yesterday I went around the house and checked for crayon marks. I found them on her bedroom door, the bathroom door, the walls, the kitchen floor, my blanket on my bed, her blanket, her door panels, her books and puzzles, everything. She also grabbed a pen and attempted making markings with that. She also takes sidewalk chalk and colors the TV! I have a little artist on my hands, I just wish she'd keep it on her notepads and coloring books.
Also last night, not much to my surprise Tehya decided to grab the cereal box from the cupboard which she can now open. I gave up fighting with her and let her take the box, figuring she'd just eat out of the box. I knew deep down it wasn't a good idea but I was like whatever, I don't care. So I'm doing the dishes while she's in the living room eating cheerios when I hear THAT sound. I turned and looked to see a FULL box of Cheerios being dumped about. I'm like "nooo" but after I said that I just had to laugh at her. Who can get mad at that cute face? Here is the aftermath.

Here's another random video of Tehya loving herself and being a goof.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Phil Stacy

So following the fair, at 7:30 at night Phil Stacy was going to be there playing some music. We went home for Tehya's nap and returned later for the music. Phil Stacy is a contestant from season 6 of American Idol. He actually wasn't too bad, and seemed like a decent human being.

Here are some pictures and video.

My mom and Tehya watching the show.

Okay so it looks like she's watching the performance, but really she's back to, watching the guy operate the lights. Take note of her laying on the ground, lol.

Here she is watching.

Here is Phil Stacy.

This video is Tehya listening/watching Phil Stacy.

So here Tehya is laying on the cement and rolling on it. I don't know why, but she ALWAYS lays and rolls on the ground regardless of the texture (rock, cement, dirt, etc). She's a strange child, lol . She then proceeds to jump and pounce on me like a sumo wrestler until at the end she gets distracted by the guy operating the lights.

This is us leaving. She was running for the exit gate.

Oxford County Fair

We went to the fair yesterday. Wasn't as great as expected, they didn't have as many animals as I'd hoped. Last year Tehya loved the baby chicks, they didn't even have them there this time. Small state (boring I might add) and small town..guess you can't expect much around here.

(Off blog topic but..) Tehya is 20 months old today..what happened to my baby? I tried real hard to get a good (by my standards) picture for the 20 month milestone but I failed to do so. She just moves so much it's nearly impossible, lol. I'm a perfectionist and I get so upset by blurry pictures, red eye, and badly posed ones (I do like candid though!). I want so bad to learn manual settings, point and shoot just doesn't do it's justice anymore. Well here's some (by some, I mean a lot) fair pics. The quality isn't great but oh well.

Horse Races

I want a cow! Isn't he/she cute?!?


Typical. Trying to climb in. Not surprised, lol.

Not amused.

She was a chicken, wanted to get off so we resorted to a bunch.


Fries. We were hungry and couldn't wait until we got home.

See my post titled "Phil Stacy" for the rest of the days status.

Word List 19-20 Months

Words she's picked up between 19-20 months. See previous Word List posts for ALL words.


Frog.(So this one is not perfectly clear yet, but she attempts it, it's frah, lol, and flower is flow)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shoes and Feet

August 2008, Walking in my dirty flip flops, lol. The girls got a major shoe fetish. Always wearing and walking in EVERYONE else's shoes. She can even walk in men's size 13!

This is from January, lol, in my moms boots. Shoe love at first steps. This was around the time she just started taking steps alone.

And now..

I LOVE how she says shoes too, it sounds like juice, only it's "shuice" lol. She will not touch the ground (outside) barefoot. She HAS to have shoes or she won't get down. She doesn't like her feet dirty (or her hands for that matter). If she's outside and loses a shoe she cries "shuice shuice" little tears about form. Ha, she don't even like the cat's feet dirty, here she is picking dirt off the cats feet..

Here she is NOT liking her feet wet.

Finally random feet and legs (one wouldn't upload upside right some reason). Why? Because I am obsessed with her little legs and tootsies.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Me too, me too!

So with all the hype I went out today and bought Jessica Seinfeld's Deceptively Delicious and even got 20% off. I didn't know I could get this excited about a book, lol. I am now ordering the pink Cuisinart's Mini-Prep Plus Processor. Is this a good one? What is everyone using for a food processor? Yay, I can't wait to get started and put it to the test!

*update* (04/11/09)

Most if not all the recipes failed me. :( I didn't get the pink cuisinart but got a white food processor.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Fish Out of Water

A Fish Out of Water is Tehya's current most favorite book. Ironically, it was always her dad's favorite when he was a kid. He liked it so much he went out bought it for her, and she of course loved it immediately. "When you feed a fish, never feed him a lot. So much and no more! Never more than a spot, or something may happen! You never know what." It's quite the lengthy book for a 19 month old to sit still for but most the time, she'll sit right in my lap listening and taking in all the pictures, engaged in the book till the end.

Tonight her dad was going to work (he works 10pm-6:30am) and she was sitting in the corner of her room "reading" this book, flipping through the pages. I told her she'd better go say buh bye to daddy because if he leaves without her knowing it, she'll look for him the rest of the time she's up (we are night owls) and holler to him. It's kind of sad. I took her hand and coaxed her up and led her to the door. She knew he was leaving and she's at the age where it shows that she don't want him to go and sometime she will protest it. So anyway tonight she came out with that book in her hand and as he was leaving and giving her hugs and kisses she's trying to get him to take the book, she wanted him to stay and read it to her. It was a cute but sad moment. She instantly jumped in my lap after he shut the door, I read her a couple pages of the book. She decided she wanted to nurse and fell asleep. =) Now here I am putting the memory in "stone".