Tuesday, December 28, 2010

back from dentist, this kid cracks me up

as some of you know tehya has dental issues from the time her teeth came in. she's been to the dentist like 6 times plus has had dental work twice. well in the past she's already had on tooth pulled, a silver crown, fillings plus her front two teeth are capped. she also has a gum disease she'll have the rest of her life but we are lucky with no recent flare ups.

(just fyi, we care for her teeth greatly and properly. the care is not why her teeth are horrible, it's just the way her teeth are.)

anway her front two they told us wouldn't last that long because they were worked on TWICE. so over the last year they keep getting looser. well being put in the carseat once last week she accidentally got bopped in the mouth so it got really loose. :( for a week her tooth hurt and she couldn't eat much of anything without pain and being holidays she had to tough it out because the dentist office was closed.

finally we got in today so they could remove it. i told her ahead of time they would pull her tooth so there were no surprises and she could prepare herself, she was scared when she got there but when the lady called her name she got brave again and followed the assistant back as she pointed to her tooth telling the story of how her tooth hurt, lol. the lady asked her how she was and tehya says, "i'm having a bad day", lol. she hopped in the chair, did everything asked, had her mouth open before she was even sitting. they gave her some gas and told her it was going to smell like pancakes, she watched tv while they worked, 10 minutes later were done. :)

we get in the waiting room so i could use the bathroom before we left and tehya says " i want to see a mirror" so i took her in the bathroom and she looked in the mirror and with excitement she says, "i love it!!". silly kid.

finally we went to cabelas because we said she could go if she was good for the dentist and when we got there she tried to whistle (she's a pro whistler and whistles constantly) and her mouth was numb so she says "i lost my whistle". i told her to practice and it'd come back, sure enough a little later she was whistling again non stop.

then we went to the food court to eat and she kept licking her lips and getting frustrated saying, " i can't lick my lips", lol, i'm like you are licking your lips, you just can't feel it because your lips are numb. then she was telling me, "the dentist put pancakes on my nose". they told her that's what the gas smelled like.

finally we are home, and she's as good as new, one tooth less. she's looks different now but still cute with her toothless smile. haha. :) her other front tooth is super loose too, i give it a few more months before it falls out. then she'll be 3 teeth down.

i'll update later with a picture, right now she's napping.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


We had another 6 month follow up today, this is like her 4th cleaning, not including TWO dental work visits. We live at the dentist it seems. She did SO well, I'm so proud of her, everytime we go I sit further and further away from her. Her first visit she was on my lap crying, the second on my lap and okay, the third visit I just held her hand her dad right there too, this visit we sat way across the room. Hope she don't kick us out next time, ha.

The assistant came out, called Tehya's name and she proudly followed the lady back her dad and I following behind, hopped right up into the chair all by herself. There was a kid on the other side of the wall, like 4 years older and this other girl was screaming and crying and not cooperating at all. It was so bad she even made ME nervous. I'm thinking great, Tehya is going to be traumatized just by listening to this other kid but it didn't phase her a bit. She had her mouth open before the lady was even ready, I don't think she closed it barely at all, even when she didn't have to she held it open. Then her cleaning was done and she told Tehya the dentist will be over to look in a minute so Tehya lays back down and taps her fingers on the armrest while she waited, it was cute.

Finally we left, I asked Tehya if she had fun and she enthusiastically says yes. Then randomly after we got home says to me, "the was a REALLY good doctor", lol. My big girl. Here I was expecting the worst and she was very well behaved, brave and independent. :)

Her teeth were pretty much okay, was just told to brush her gums a little better and her teeth that has had work are slightly lose so they will fall out early, in the next year or two probably.

Oxford Fair, September 9th 2010

This year was the first year I let Tehya go on any rides alone. Last year, and the year before too I think she was scared on even the Merry Go Round. The only ride she really has ever liked was the big slide, the jumping thing where she has to harness up, the climbing wall and bouncy houses. We went this year her my mom & I. We went initially to see the animals but we were a day too early because all we saw really were horses, cows & pigs. Tehya's favorites are the chickens and baby chicks but we couldn't find any. Not sure if they were there or not, not that we saw.

After watching the pig scramble (Tehya and my mom did, I find it mean and did something else) and looking at the cows and big horses we let her do a pony ride. This was her first time ever. She did really good and REALLY LOVED it.

This was that ride that looked liked Smoky kinda (?) and it spins when you turn the wheel in the center. My mom and I were on either side of her for this one. Quick snap before we started moving.

Her past favorite. Her & I going down. This slide always scares me! Ahhh. lol. Maybe next year she can go alone? ;P

Here she was digging for "dino" bones. She really really loved this too. She was here for a long time digging over & over even though she found the bones really quickly. She asked questions and was very much into it. They explained to her the bones she found and she listened intently. She definitly put them to work, she made sure they explained to her every one, haha.

Matching the bone to the chart, all her idea.


Asking for more information and loving it. She takes a bone and holds it to one of the guys waiting for a description.

Another ride..


Tehya and my mom. She was scared but liked it and wanted to go again. In fact, she wanted to go on EVERY ride again.

Going higher..

I said after she was almost stopped, "show me your scared face".

Listening to music. First she though it was too loud and ran off plugging her ears but she got used to it and then....

..started dancing. And dancing...and dancing.

Water break.

Prior to this ride she went through a bouncy house type thing.



A fun filled day for little miss Tehya, super tired after she got home.

Still really annoyed with blogger, I hit spell check, ALL my pictures error and I have to re-upload them all. At the end of the year when I start fresh I'm getting a new platform!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Year Later :: August 16th 2010

Can you say blog slacker? Yup, that's me. I've not posted for a year, but have been meaning to for like ever. How'd a year pass so quickly? I was looking at my blog and realized my last blog was talking about August 16th of '09 and today being the 16th of '10, lol, I figured what the heck. I'm kind of sad I missed a year but better late than never, right? Also half my flickr photos are no longer visible on my posts..why is that? *sigh* Anyhoo..

This will be missing a lot of events sadly but I just wanted to get started so I have more initiative to keep going. Well little miss Tehya is 3 years and 7 months old. Here some some photos from the 2010, oldest to most recent...


3rd Birthday (January 7th)




Her and cousin Cody, a month younger than her.

May 12, 2010

july 30th 2010


Plus, while I'm here, playing a bit of catch up, I will add Tehya first haircut to the post. Her hair was literally touching her butt and was getting split ends so we decided it was time for the dreaded FIRST HAIRCUT. Tehya had her very first haircut (NO trims or anything in between) on June 30th 2010, at 3 years and 6 (almost 7) months old. Took lots of convincing of her dad to let her get it cut too. We were actually going go shorter but he chickened and and made her stop cutting, lol.

We cut a few inches, layered the back and the sides/bangs are bit shorter. Honestly I regret cutting it (but it needed to be cleaned up at least) and I regret layering it. BUT hair grows back and when it's long enough I will cut the layers out and have it all one long length again. I didn't get any good before pictures but here's the actual hair cutting and an after.

She was REALLY tired. She was up all night (yes she STILL has sleep issues, but that's another post) , and she had JUST falling asleep and I had to wake her up to take her to her appointment.

On the way to the salon
on way to cut hair

Hair cutting time. She was tired as you can tell and she always looks this serious tired or wide awake, lol. I kept asking, you like it?" or "you having fun?" and she kept telling me yes and that she liked it.
1st haircut
1st haircut
1st haircut
1st haircut
1st haircut
A little video, I didn't know how to put it right side up.

AFTER photo's..

Believe it or not, less than two months later it's pretty much touching her butt again. It grows fast! I'll have to update the length in my next post as well as more about Miss Tehya. A lot changes in a year! Until next time, I plan on updating at least once a month, hopefully more. My goal.

P.S I hate blogger. Spent way too much time fixing photos and videos and paragraphs. One of these reasons I don't like blogging often :(