Monday, June 11, 2012

Hawk Mountain

Well Saturday my mom, Tehya and I went with my brother and Christine to Hawk Mountain in Waterford, ME. Tehya had sooo much fun. She brought herself a picnic and did really well carrying her lunchbox all the way up, and I pretty much pried it out of her hands to carry it back for her.

She put these really frilly hairclips in her hair before we left, against my will, lol, so that is all HER doing, hehe. :) I really need to upgrade my P&S or start bringing my SLR with me again. This used to be a great camera but it is getting old and the picture quality is going WAY down. The thing with my SLR though is I hate being restricted to to my 50mm (although a great lens) and I like the versatility of compactness of the Powershot.

We had a big shoe issue right before we left. Couldn't find her sneakers, she hated socks with Crocs "my socks are crinkled in my Crocs!", lol, and her Sketchers were too small. So, being told the trail was very easy for kids I let her go walking in Crocs, the only shoes we could find.

Just starting out.

The crew, minus me.

At first she was all like eeew my feet are dirty and then after a brief few minutes I couldn't keep her out of the puddles. Stomped through them all. It is not always this wet but we have had down pouring rain most of the last couple weeks.
She likes being the leader. 

I think I had bunny ears behind my head, the first photo, as always, she was very serious.

She had no fear of the edges. She kept wanting a closer look. Then we had to hold her closer to throw a rock over the ledge to hear how long the drop was. She is a dare devil. 

Almost to the very top. See? Still has her lunch.

 Time to pick up the daredevil, she has no fear of heights. My mom is, she freaked out. I don't mind heights so much. There is other things I am much more afraid of.

 My other camera would have been great right about now.
 I said, "show me your scared face". Looks more like her mean face, lol.
 Headed back. Brandon & Christine. The rest of us are headed back around the corner so Tehya can have her picnic. Oh, I think 30-35 minutes to get to top. Walking a distracted 5 year olds speed, so it is just a short hike.
 There was one small patch on the ground with about a half a dozen leaves that looked just like goldfish. Here Tehya pulled out a banana as she sat on a rock and saved the rest for later because Brandon was rushing us. ;P
 Sneak attack. She was pretty fascinated with this rock going up and down.

Splashing rocks was a big hit on the walk back.
 Loves those feet in the puddles. At least the puddles were good for washing mud off her feet and legs.

Then today, Sunday, we didn't do too much. Walked a short ways, had another picnic on the lawn of the Police/Fire Department. The fountain wasn't running but we found shade by a tree.She is loving picnics this year. We also cleaned the front yard when we returned and played in the water hose.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Teeth (or lack of)

So at the new age of 5 years Miss Tehya has now lost a grand total of 7 teeth.

She is missing 4 up top, and 1 down bottom. Plus, her 2 front teeth have already fell out and grew back, those are permanents!

Tooth #8 on bottom is loose and will fall out soon.

The tooth fairy is awfully busy around here. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Day of Preschool

My posts may be be a bit disorderly for awhile as I play blog catch up and relearn how to use blogger. I am having issue trying to put text above photos and moving photos side by side. :/

Tehya had her last day of school on May 30th 2012. She had a little party at school the last couple hours so her dad and I went. When we got there it was 12:30, most the kids were on the playground playing, Tehya was in the sand box, of course. It was basically an hour of do whatever you want until we went to the cafeteria to have a slice of cake and get their portfolios. They had painted some flower boxes so they were supposed to go plant a couple flowers to take home, they also had bubbles, activity table, bean bag toss, and a a couple other small things to do. Well Tehya was very content on the playground, I knew she would be the last kid standing in there and she didn't want to do any other activities until the last gun fire.

 After she removed herself from the sandbox her and her schoolmate decided to play some ball. I think they were the only two left in the playground, or close to it, the rest of the kids were off doing activities. Tehya wanted to stay put.

I have been trying to show her how to hold a bat but this girl is a mess. At least she has a nice arm and aim, ha.
She is obsessed with tickling people. Her friend Piper.

Tehya and Reggie.

Planting her flowers, finally.
Then a quick 30 seconds of bean bag toss before she ran off elsewhere.
Waiting to get her face painted, she wanted a lion.
But then she changed her mind and wanted black cat. She ALWAYS wants to be dressed up like a black cat.
Then she decided a black cat "with red".
Back to the playground she went. To swing.
She was loud, and kept wanting to go "higher".
Time to go to the cafeteria. Piper had her dads hand, Tehya had her dads hand, then they had to hold each others hand.

Sitting on the stage waiting to be seated. She wanted lots of pictures with piper.
After cake she got called to get her portfolio, and got a new book too.
Officially graduated from PreK.
Tehya and dad shot.
Tehya and mom shot.
Preschool orientation pic and last week of school pic and her last day of school picture.

Her hand prints and school shirt.
One last picture in front of her school building.
Saying goodbye to her bff from school, Piper. Same age, huge size difference, hehe.

Then she came home, got some balloons, a card, some roses, and a puzzle and some legos. Oh and a mini cake that she didn't eat any of that day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

I think every year since Tehya was born we have gone to Bryant Pond for Memorial day. It is a pretty lame parade but it is tradition and it is my hometown. I always feel so at home there, it takes away that weird home sickness I have when I am not there. Tehya, my mom and I always go up.

Before we went straight to the parade we stopped at Rickies for a potty run and we had a few minutes to kill. I grew up in that house for awhile too. Tehya loves it there because Ricky always has chickens. I am SO getting some chickens (and other animals) when I get my dream farmhouse. I don't know why, I just love chickens. ;)

Then we go to the village (also where I used to live, and we walk down to the Grange Hall & Library, and wait. Tehya and cousin Madison waiting patiently for the speech to finish so the parade will start. I am so glad is was a cooler day, last year was VERY hot.

Every year there is less and less kids. There was a very small handful this year, wasn't many at all the last  few years either. Not like when I was a kid. Once my generation grew up the tiny town got quiet. :/

Finally, it starts. Tehya loves marching. It was cute. She was the only one marching but it rubbed off on Madison a little. I had  video but I cannot find it, shoot. She marched the whole way there and most of the way back.

Into the cemetery. 

Waiting for the gun fire.

My mom, aunt Linda, Tehya & Madison. Girl in blue is Madison's friend, not sure her name.

Back at Ricks. My mom, Tehya, Aunt Cindy and I was dragged up in the woods by Tehya. Tehya asked Cindy to go with her and when Cindy asked her why Tehya responded with "in case there are bears", ha.

As a kid we were always in these woods, every single day. Memories. All the four-wheeler paths are growing over and don't look like paths so much anymore. :(

Playing while the food grills. I didn't get any pics of the food and stuff. I also didn't get any pictures of Lisa and her baby, I was a photo slacker today.

Lets see who was present..

Tehya, my mom, me, Rick, Cindy, Joe, Linda, Tim,  Josh and his girlfriend Sylvia, her daughter Kylie who is 6 months younger than Tehya. Madison and Deziree. Lisa and the baby too. Brian showed up just as we left but I didn't see him.

Tehya got super mad at one point. She tried SO hard to catch a chicken and when she couldn't she got angry and went and sat by herself on the porch and was miserable for awhile. So I had my food with her up there just the two of us and convinced her to perk up.

The other girls went to her to cheer her up, here they are plotting how to catch a chicken together, hehe. 

I wish I didn't get a leaf in Madison's face here. They are off to catch chickens. She did eventually with help catch one, thank goodness, I didn't want another emotional breakdown because the tears were swelling up.

We were going to go the beach, the Pub,  like we usually do on Memorial Day but it was chilly, slightly rainy and getting late so we just went home and called it a day.