Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 10th, Outside

So we got outside to play some more. Finally the weather is bearable. The first two pics are clickable and will bring you to my photostream.

Go Redsox! Her socks may not match her clothes but they match the ball, lol.

The kids over at the neighbor's were playing and being loud and she listened to them for a long time very intently...I think she wanted to go play with them.

Our yard is a swamp. Well not the actual yard part, but further back. Plus the larger part of the yard is very wet. Of course, who wants to stay on the dry part, she wanted to go play where the swamp was or where it was wet. So much for GREEN grass's just ugly yellow brown grass. It'll get greener as spring goes on but most the grass and trees are still damaged from the bad ice storm we had way back in '98. I'll have to get a picture of the poor trees that are ruined.

She writes the alphabet in the dirt. She says her letters as she "writes" them. I know, I know..her socks don't match and she's wearing socks with sandals, lol. Well it's the ONLY socks I could find, and it's it's too cold to go sockless.

Running at me.

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