Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's mad!

"I'm mad" she says. She told me that today, several times, lol. I'm mad too, it's after 4 and she hasn't napped! She's mad cause she don't want to nap.

Sidenote: Her hair drives me nuts in her face. It's usually up or styled back but not this time, lol. It's not even combed, lol.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update from Wednesday's being sick blog.

So I blogged about Tehya being sick since Halloween for over a week, see "Wednesday".

Basically we went to the doc (they are not so bright as always), looked at her ears and mouth said looks great, said she's prob got a minor cold because her tongue was a little white. I wasn't buying it, I didn't think she had a cold, no symptoms.I never trust the doctors (yeah that's me...looking into seeing a Chiro instead!). Nothing he said made any sense considering her symptoms and every time I go there I come home knowing the same as before I went in except I'm more confused. Plus the fact that the doctors are so uneducated on breastfeeding, and other subjects, ugh. Okay, rant done, moving on.

So regardless of the docs conclusion, I knew it wasn't right so I got to googling. I was thinking sore throat or maybe strep. In these days she had a white sore on her tongue, and I called the doc and there ONLY advise was "coat it with an antacid", never gave a guess what it might be and didn't request to look at it. Then later while googling I come across thrush (considering the amount she'd been nursing it was a possibility). I wasn't convinced yet but I kept that in mind.

The following days during teeth brushing time I noticed her gums looked swollen and dark red, and then they gushed blood as I attempted brushing them. I mean, I barely touched her teeth and the blood poured out. So I googled some more, and saw this Herpetic Gingivostomatitis caused by a type of herpes virus called herpes simplex virus type 1 or HSV1. Symptoms including, sore throat, fever, irritability, loss of appetite, not wanting to eat or drink, red swollen bleeding gums. She had ALL these symptoms. I saw that and said, that IS what it is! I called her dentist and described the symptoms, went in the next morning, and he said she has herpes simplex virus INSIDE her mouth. Confirmed. Mystery solved!

Thank you pediatrician for knowing NOTHING, thanks for looking in her mouth and saying "looks great", thanks for telling me she had a cold when she didn't. Thanks.

So Tehya has HSV1. She probably got it from me. :( It is past through cold sores and I coincidentally had one the week before. Now she'll suffer from it forever, just like cold sores, it keeps coming back. Maybe once every 6 months or once every 6 years, but it will always come back. It's basically like a cold sore but she got the mouth sores in her mouth, although it can spread to the outside. It is VERY painful. The dentist (I love her dentist, thank God, even if we travel an hour for this particular one), he said it's like chicken pox, the INITIAL sickness (fever, etc) will not return, she'll only get sick once, although the sores can come back. It is a virus so it cannot be treated with antibiotics, just keep her happy and comfortable as possible. She is pretty lucky so far, he said some kids get DOZENS of sores at a time and they can cause their teeth to break as well.

Yeah I know, this is getting annoyingly long so that's it, Tehya almost completely recovered from it this time around. Phew.


I didn't get it all on tape, she was screaming for several minutes before and after, lol.


It hailed on Monday..the 10th.

Random since last blogged...

Helping grammy do dishes.

Pop Star

Friday, November 7, 2008

Word List 21-22 Months


View previous posts for all words. As always, I'm probably forgetting some. I'll come back and edit them in, lol.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday (It's a long one)

I don't have all my pics and video's on this pc for the week, just today's so I'll catch up from the week leading up to today later if I get around to it, lol.

Tehya's been sick since the morning after Halloween. Poor thing, she's REALLY sick. Low grade fever for several days, no poop for 5 days, hasn't ate for 3 days and counting. Sore throat for at least 3 days now. Starting to wonder if it's strep. She is starting to feel better although she still doesn't feel great. :( Phone call to the doc (again) in the morning.

We went outside for fresh air, it was very nice out today. She actually felt OKAY for a small amount of time.

Playing with leaves

"choo choo" A train was going by in background.

Sasha my kitty.



Trying to get the door open.

"uppy". Normally she does it by herself, but today wanted assistance. :)

Doing something funny with her tongue.

O face she made, her reaction to my mixing pudding.

Pudding and icecream. She didn't even try either one. We tried bribing her to eat.


Another funny tongue thing. (I later find a large white sore on it!)

So tired and sleepy today.

The sky across the road this evening/night.

It was HER idea to cut her toe nails. She loves it. She just woke up not long ago, lol.

Then we painted her fingers and toes. She also enjoyed that. My girly girl.

*edit* turns out Tehya was not sick as in having a cold or flu sick, she was sick because of mouth sores! See this blog for details.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The week leading to Wednesday, lol.

I changed the blog dates so they would appear in order, lol. I blogged out of date order. My compulsiveness made me change dates so they are orderly.

She loves to spin in this chair!

Favorite place sit, on top of the back of the couch...

Watching her 1st year video.

She meant to say Bubba (my moms dog name) but it came out as dubba dubba, lol.

Notice pants, they were to her ankles now they are Capri's, lol. Shh don't tell no one that they aren't supposed to be like that.

"Brrr" and "Shoe"

Everything after ^^^^ those days she was sick.

"real" Tea Party. Anything to make the sick girl forget she's sick.

"bubba" Yelling at Bubba cause he's barking. And then, shhh.

Doesn't this make you sad, so sick. She's a booger eater too.

Watching TV.

A brief non sick moment.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating

We took Tehya to the elementary school to trick or treat, with her costume it was too cold to walk around town, plus my mom works at the school so we went there.
She was SHY and bashful. She gave everyone "the look" as we call it, lol. She was every one's favorite and was the hit of the party.

After we were done trick or treating everyone she finally came out and bashful mode and wanted to go around again. The first time we did most the work for her, this time SHE wanted to do it herself but she already been around once so she couldn't go. There were a couple people she gave the puppy dog eyes too so she got candy twice from the same person!

All and all, she had a lot of fun. Next year we are going to walk around town.
Shortly after arriving, was feeling unsure. She kept quivering cause she was scared.
"the look" the look she gives strangers or people she don't like. it's a typical look, lol.
Mini video of the first person she trick or treated by herself.
Getting in the way, again, lol.
Going to trick or treat Santa.
Finally getting even braver after she realized she was getting candy from every one.
My mom and Tehya
Tehya at her very bravest, lol, but some reason 5 minutes later the lady still didn't give her any candy until I told her she was waiting for some. Tehya just stood there and stared until the woman finally gave her a piece.
Leaving, headed to her see her other grandma on dads side. She wouldn't let go of that bag for nothing, lol
At the other grandmas. I don't remember what was so funny. I think she was trying to open something?
My funny face.