Saturday, April 4, 2009

Warm enough for a good play.

It was finally warm enough to play outside for a good amount of time (april 2nd pics taken on)...without being bundled up. :) It reached a high of like 60 or so, lmao. Hey that's warm in our book! This is the neighbor's toy, she always prefers the neighbor toy's....something different I guess. or maybe just because it's not hers.

Squish Face. Or that's her "blow face", lol. One of the silly things she does.

These are the neighbor's cats, lol. Who needs a cat when you got your neighbor's? These cat's follow her everywhere, Tehya even has treats here sometimes that are for the them. They even come looking in her bedroom door at times or come in the house. Tehya loves cats to death. Possibly literally, if she had a kitten I fear that cat's life.

The snow is still not melted. Nothing uglier than melting snow. Happy it's melting but it's dirty and nasty looking now. Not bad in this pic, but the snow on the cement and the sides of road..looks bad. Just melt already! Still a big snowbank against the house. Out back gets flooded a lot here. It's really wet out there..only to get worse when the "April showers" come. I'm excited for the rain, I LOVE rain and Tehya does too. I'm planning my in the rain photo shoot already. :)

Drawing in the dirt. I made a flower, Tehya was making apples and letters. Kind of, lol. :) We had to put her rain boots on, her shoes were soaked. These are last years boots, I think they are almost too small.
This photo here is clickable and will bring you to my photo stream. I always try to get one decent photo in my mix of quickly taking snapshots. :) I asked her, "where's the moon?" She looking at it. This child loves the moon. I mean seriously, she's VERY OBSESSED with it, she has had this moon "fetish" for a long time now. She randomly goes outside to see it, always talks about it, says goodnight to it, tells it to be careful and not fall from the sky, lol. It's cute. I'd have to say, the moon is her favorite thing.

The moon she was looking at in the above photo. The sun was on the other side at the same time, lol. :) I think the sun was starting to go down as we finished up out outdoor activities.

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Jennifer said...

I love her obsession with the moon! So wonderful!