Friday, December 26, 2008

Tehya's 2nd Christmas

Warning: Video is over half hour long, lol. I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing. :) This is not the final version, I have editing to do and songs to change. Enjoy.

(temp. not subscription ran out)

These are like the only pictures I have..maybe I can make some pics out of my video?
First glance at tree full of presnts.
At my moms, her fave gift...and it only cost $1, lol.
Amazed. Loves that thing. She says "memo memo" aka Nemo.
Watching Ice Age, her current fave movie.
Now at Grandma Cashin's, LOVED that bag but didn't care about the presents.
Just being cute, that's all.
Thanks Grandma Cashin for all the presents.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First day of winter.

Dec. 21st was the official first day of winter, here's some pics from the day.

So it was like 5 degree's out if even that but that wont stop a little playing in the snow.
this photo is clickable, it brings you to my photostream. :)

Later at my moms. Last years snow suit, it still fits! Glad I tried it on before just packing it away like I almost did, I never would have thought it still fit. Happy about this because I LOVE this suit!

This is her almost a year ago wearing this snowsuit.. January 2008...11 months ago.
After I brought Tehya in to get warm, I went back out for a couple pictures.
Only half way through the was snowing hard just can't tell from the pics. Middle picture is clickable.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Puzzle: Now and Then.

16 months old...

23 months old...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


December 12th, being pretty next to "dammy's" tree. She calls my mother Dammy. She calls grandpa "Dumpa" and sometimes "Dubba".

The moon on my birthday. Dec. 13th. The closest it's been to earth in the last 15 years. This photo is clickable. :)


Yes, she's licking my birthday cake. She didn't eat any, she spit it out in disgust, lol. She licked the frosting though. Same with oreo's...eats the cream, throws the cookie. I didn't eat any either, just one bite, I hate sweets and that was SWEET.
Yesterday. She thought jumping on the bed was hysterical. She loves chasing and being chased, and she growls, lol.
Today. Snot face. So bundled she can barely move, lol.

With Lambi. One of mums dogs.

Such a snow eater. Who cares about playing, she wants to eat snow.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Word List 23-24 months.

Final Word List post, I can't keep up anymore!

Tree. Broke. Color. Soup. Drop. Dollar. Milk. Snail. Careful. Yeah. On. Stop. Drink. Thirsty. Spaghetti. Story.

Okay I'm such a slacker, there's like 10-20 (I don't know how many, a lot) words I didn't log. i didn't write them all down and now I just can't think. It's a good month to stop keeping track because it is no longer possible at her rate.

Small Talk

Notice she doesn't look at me at all, little booger, lol.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Catching Up

Oh my gosh, I've been computer-less for a couple weeks, my pictures and video's were piling up. I had nearly 500 files on my camera when I transferred them to my pc, which is still crap btw. So many updates I'll prob leave half of them out cause there's too many.

I've made two different posts, so there's one new one under this one. :). This ones still long though. Not to mention this ones scattered and out of order. I tell you what, my OCD is going batty with all this disorganization! I think my blood pressure is rising, lol..

Random pic... EVERYONE says she looks like the Olson twins all the time to me (edit: way cuter of course! lol), what do you think?

Her fake smile.

Usual spot.

Toddler Toes (clickable photo)


She does that thing thing with her lip ALL the time, it's one of her looks. Kinda like chewing it, lol.

Finger painting. She used one finger the entire, didn't want to dirty any others....until grammy made her put her hands it, lol.


At grandma's, her dad's side, in the basement playing with bubbles. I like how her face lights up when she blows a bubble.

Wills moms voice in background here.

Waking up is hard.

Christmas parade. Her expression the entire time!

I gave in to the fuzzy crocs for Tehya, I'm temped to get myself some to what all the hype is about.....but I don't know...

Yelling at Bubba my moms dog, I think she says Lambi in there too, the other dog. She hates when they bark.

Just playing with my camera. Her middle toe has a birthmark. It's cute.

Holding grammies, my moms birthday gift. She carried it around awhile before giving it to her.

Spinning, spinning, spinning, she spun quite a bit before I started the video. She does a funny thing with her eyes when she spins, lol.

Sniffing her book. It's a scratch and sniff.

Busy Ball Popper

She loves this bear because it talks to her.

Wrapping Uncle Brandon's Shoes with grammy.

Snow Days

We've been playing in the snow a lot. This video is Tehya's grammy pulling her, my mother. Tehya screaming with glee, lol.

I cut her head off, I couldn't see the pictures I was taking, the sun was glaring on my screen.

Hot Cocoa to warm up.

Just being silly.

A different day in the snow, a much colder day too! Rosy cheeks.
Warming up from the cold.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Word List 22-23 Months


Okay so there's tons more for sure. She had another word explosion and I didn't write anything down until now. I think I'll keep track until she's two (one more month) but after that I know I won't be able to keep up. She can and will repeat everything, she speaks in sentences at times, and says random sentences I don't expect out of nowhere. Example shopping a couple weeks she sees a little girl and says, "what's your name?" and she's never heard anyone say that before. She a talker that's for sure and when she's not talking she's babbling my ear off. :)

P.S. I have many new pics and video, just no computer to post them, soon though. :) I'm so behind in blogging!