Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SNOW!!!! A must see!

I opened the door not expecting this.....

So I pulled my shade and saw THAT....

And the next day there was THIS.


Please note, there's a few new blogs below this. :)


Seems Tehya has been self feeding 100% since 13 months old and using real silverwear with ease for several months we decided to try something new...


She loved them and did well!

Daddy and Me

Feb 13th.

Catch Up

Some quick photo's for a mini update. I'm a blog slacker. This blog and the next few might be slightly out of order.


Future gamer.

Feeding "BobBob".

Bubbles. These photos are clickable and bring you to my photostream. :)


Valentines Day. (also clickable)


Broccoli and foot flavored popcorn.


Few Video's..

NO NO YES YES, YUMMY YUCKY Her two fave books. 01/22

Lint picker. 01/25

5 Little Monkeys. She tried to sing. She IS a monkey. 02/11

Rinsing 02/11