Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 25th-27th

She colored this the 20th but I included it anyway. It's so cute how she colored it. :)
So excited, I finally got my dslr! I was using a powershot (fully on manual) but I'm so excited to finally use a dslr!! My first pics with it. :) ..


This cracks me up, she's a silly one.
Typical Tehya face.

Head stands and somersaults are so fun!

Boxes top them both though.
She loves showers and has no fear. When I put it on bath instead and she tells me not to. She'd rather be face in the water. I didn't upload the pic but she has a bucket and she fills it...its heavy..and she struggles it up and pours it over her head. Maybe next time I get it on cam I'll upload it.
Frowny face. I don't know what she was doing. She's like me..serious (looking) most the time. Our normal face is a mad face..even though we are not mad.
04/25/09's warming up!


Tehya and Grammy.

Tree eater.

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