Friday, May 29, 2009

May 25th, Swing & Play

Loves to play in sand.

Sand break to answer and reply a text, lol.

She also loves to play in the car a lot. Non moving of course, lol. Here she is dropping change out the window.

Oh look, a monkey!

Swing. A fave activity of hers.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 17th-21st

Here baby, have a cookie. She put it the chair on her own.
Fangs. Identical to her daddies.

Finds it hilarious to take pictures of herself with the camera remote.

Loving her outfit, should have got a close up of her outfit but didn't. I'll do it next time she wears it.

Tube top & shorts she was wearing. Up close. :) lol.

My first flower shots. A little blown out in THAT spot you see there. I'll try again next time.
Drink and........

Spit it at grammy.
Who's that knocking on the back door?

May 11- May 16

Playing with the neighbor. She's 2 or 3 months older than Tehya I think. Mines the one jumping on the ball...but most of you know that.

Watching a worm.

Holding a worm. The only reason she dared to touch it is because the other girl did. Hasn't since, she's back to being scared of them. Well...wont touch them anyway. Good! It was so funny, she (Tehya) was too scared to touch the worm so she grabbed the girls hand and tried to force her to touch the worm for her.
That night. Watching the tube.
5/15 Initials.
Everytime it's time to go in I have to bring her in kicking and screaming..then a tantrum to follow. EVERYTIME. She LOVES it outside very much and hates to go in. Even after hours of being out there.
Screaming and trying to get back out. Excuse the mess.
What we saw on the way to Bryant Pond to visit Madison (Tehya's almost 4 year old cousin).
Stopped at Rick's house before seeing Madison.
Upon arriving at her cousins, this is the first thing she sees. Supposably this bunny wont come to noone but it ran right up to Tehya. It's there pet.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 8th, Pic Heavy

Outside for some play, slightly picture heavy.

Bright light!
Drags her daddy everywhere...all the time.
Picking flowers.


I like this one for the "twinkle" in her eyes.
Feed her flowers.

Burrying herself. Last year she wouldn't even step outside barefoot or get her hands dirty. Now this year she kicks her shoes off and does this!
Daddy is back again..time to haul him out of the car before he's ready.....and........
Pull him away to play again.