Monday, March 30, 2009


There are ELEVEN brand new posts below...check them out. I spent the last hour, hour and a half playing blog catch up...I'm a slacker. I should really know better!

<<<----Random photo, because I always have a photo!

Visting my mom at school

She works there at night and so we visited for a couple hours. She played and played hard.

but first,a random recent photo..

Talking on phone to my mom minutes before we left.

Here we are.....

watching "bob bob"

Kid in a candy shop

Okay not really a candy shop, we went and bought her some new keen sandals at Lamey, then went to the mall for fun. She eyed the candy machines and wanted some on the way in and out. I didn't give her any, another mean mommy moment, but she found a left behind piece in one and popped it in her mouth saying "yummy" before I could stop her.

This photo got cropped because of blogger layout, click on it for a full view. :)


Another random shot as we were leaving the mall.

She loves broccoli

She got the broccoli from the fridge without me knowing it...

So I put her in her chair.. with some dip.

..and she ate pretty much the WHOLE entire bushel!
This girl loves broccoli or "trees" as she calls it. She used to call them "flowers".

Newman O's

This girl has NEVER eaten cookie. She always ONLY eats the middle...tosses the cookie part. If I give her a cream-less cookie she wont eat it, just picks at it trying to find cream, lol.

These photo's are clickable and will bring you to my photostream. :)



Not eating a cookie but taking on the "shoot".


Bath time over

Just one simple photo for one simple little blog. Simple, but a thing she does to remember. Every bath time when she is done she stands up and turns around, waits for me to get a towel, then I say "arms up", she raises her arms, I wrap the towel around her and out she goes. We always do an extra shake of the feet to shake off some extra water. :)

Didn't make the cut...(outtakes)

I'm so tired of ruining cute photos because of my low light situation. I will not use my flash, an external yes, but not on board. My camera will not adapt an external, I can't wait for my NEW dslr!

I am getting sooo frustrated with my photos. First I'm only using a powershot, although I shoot 100% on manual. My apartment is very dark and toddler is very fast. Bad combo. Bad on there own..worse together. I don't have the proper lighting. I do have a light kit but it's large and hard to maneuver in a tiny apartment. Not to mention a tiny 2x4 space I try to confine her to for photos..the only available room I have. So anyway.... Stop making excuses and get creative right? I know..I know. :(

dark = low shutter + moving toddler = blur and out of focus = frusterated mom


Her hair is getting so long..I love it.'s a love/hate relationship.

I salvaged one..through much editing..even though my crop is way too square. I should really fix that. photo is also clickable. :)

First walk this year (03/14/09)

Between the frozen ground, freezing cold, and un-plowed sidewalks we haven't been outside for awhile. Well we've been outside a lot, just not out walking. Our favorite thing to do is walk to the park and other places so winter time is really a bummer. Middle of March and the sidewalks are finally a little plowed. We got detoured a lot though..we kept coming to un-plowed areas and had to turn around. Grr.

For the love of Elmo

Tehya's favorite characters are Spongebob and Elmo.


March 9th, Eating Snow and "Cry Baby"

March 9th, late blogger. :(

Sitting on Will's car eating snow. She really likes eating snow.

Feet Print
Random picture to add, taking the same day. Click photo for description.

Sticker obsessed (03/08/09)

Tehya LOVES stickers, any and all. Keeps her busy, happy and occupied for a long time.

This first photo is from her "sticker session" I always try to get one nice photo even when not doing a "real" photoshoot"(when my lights are ready available) before I continue with snapshots. :) She is putting stickers on her cheek here (or removing it), lol. This first photo is clickable and will bring you to my photostream. :)

Then after, we did a little outside playing and puddle jumping, another favorite activity. This first pic she is walking down the "stream".

Early March

She loves "BOB BOB" aka Spongebob. Biggest fan I know. Me..I HATE Spongebob, although I must admit, shamefully, he may be starting to grow on me. :(

This is early March so her hair has grown since, blogging really late, but she has random days where her hair curls a little bit. Strange because her hair is as straight as straight gets. Doesn't do it often but only on rare occasions. Her hair too, changes color frequently. Some days she's blondie, some days she is brown/dark blonde, in the summer she has a lot of red headed days which I LOVE the most!

Milk bubbles, a new...and now getting annoying thing.

So she was napping and I wanted to take a picture of her sleeping. Well I mistakenly woke her up and it resulted in this sad face. Mean mommy I am, I still snapped a few photos because it's so pitifully (is that
a word?) cute. This photo is clickable and will bring you to my photostream. :)

Books have always been and probably will always be her favorite past time.