Friday, April 24, 2009

Earth Day

My cutie patootie. First time outside sleeveless this year. But added layer's a short while in. Then after that it down poured, lol.


First time using a bat and ball.

She had the perfect batting posture, was looking at me, huge smile...I grabbed the camera and she lost her smile, posture and didn't even look at me, lol. Isn't that the way it always is?

Plastic wheel barrel was no fun. Wouldn't stand on it's own..just a bummer. Will be buying a mini real John Deere...or something better.

I just LOVE her cute lil' shoulder shrug, she does it often. It kind of matches her scrunched up nervous/embarrassed smile face. That's a funny sentence.

She calls pine cones "pine corns". Not in the video...just saying generally, lol. In the video she is collecting them. She likes collecting outside stuff.

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Jennifer said...

Cute! Love her Earth Day t-shirt. Maya says "pine combs" or sometimes "pime combs." I love the shoulder shrug. Maya does that too, she will walk around shrugging to the beat of her steps, if that makes any sense. It's funny.