Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tehya's new look

So today I went all out on Tehya, I put some make-up on her and gave her hair extensions, how does she look? Go to I got a freaky flash forward after doing this! No, I'm NOT a pageant mom and don't believe in pageants for babies and toddlers. I was just playing, a ONE time thing. :)
While I'm here I have a mini story to tell I thought was cute. You know those heart beat bears? Well I replaced the battery in Tehya's, she has never really used this bear but I figured what the heck, I'll try it. It's quite soothing, puts me to sleep, lol. I've been laying her down with it lately and she seems to like it. When she's awake she plays with it, turns it on/off, quiet/loud. Anyway, back to my point. She was up this early morning with her dad, I slept in a little (yay) and she comes in, crawls on the bed with me, plays a little, grabs my face and hollers "mama" over and over. We co-sleep so the bear was already in my bed and so Tehya takes the bear, turns it on and rests it by my head. She crawls off the bed an went in the other room. Guess she wanted mommy to get some sleep? I dunno, I thought it was cute. ;)


Andrea said...

Wow, at first look I was very impressed at your makeup applying abilities and that a 20 mo. old would sit still, haha. I have to say, you're very good at applying it digitally though! That's so cute how she thought to give you the bear to cuddle. Smart Girl!

(I had to delete my first comment, I realized it didn't make sense lol)

Nicknessaemma said...

How cute! She is so smart. It is amazing isn't it!