Monday, September 22, 2008

Smile and say cheese.

Every time I grab the camera (this is like 300x a day, lol) Tehya used to cover her eyes and hide. Now she finally smiles for the camera and sometimes says cheese for me. Yay, so exciting coming from a camera and picture happy mama. I tricked her this time though, she thought I was taking her picture when really I was recording. Sneaky. Oh and please, pay no attention to my annoying and repetitive voice in the background. I didn't know I was that annoying until I played the tape back..I wanted tell myself to shut up, lol. Anyway. (Does your screen have 2 of each video too? Weird, I can't fix it)

This one is my favorite, wait until you are 30 seconds in to see why. I'll put this one first even though it's the last, in case anyone gets bored of video's and don't make it to the last one, lol.

Smile and then whacks the camera.

Say cheese. Only in Tehya language cheese comes out as "teee" at times.

Cheese again. Obsessed mama here. lol. :) Notice she's frowning first, then smiling.

And again.. (last video I promise)


Andrea said...

haha! Cute! Enjoyed all the videos! I know exaclty how you feel about telling yourself to shut up. Everytime I watch a video I've taped, I'm almost embarasssed...

Wendy said...

She is adorable! Love her little smile ;)