Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shoes and Feet

August 2008, Walking in my dirty flip flops, lol. The girls got a major shoe fetish. Always wearing and walking in EVERYONE else's shoes. She can even walk in men's size 13!

This is from January, lol, in my moms boots. Shoe love at first steps. This was around the time she just started taking steps alone.

And now..

I LOVE how she says shoes too, it sounds like juice, only it's "shuice" lol. She will not touch the ground (outside) barefoot. She HAS to have shoes or she won't get down. She doesn't like her feet dirty (or her hands for that matter). If she's outside and loses a shoe she cries "shuice shuice" little tears about form. Ha, she don't even like the cat's feet dirty, here she is picking dirt off the cats feet..

Here she is NOT liking her feet wet.

Finally random feet and legs (one wouldn't upload upside right some reason). Why? Because I am obsessed with her little legs and tootsies.

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LINDSEY said...

I love the backwards shoes. Peyton tries to do that but is usually unsuccessful. He is so clutsy!!!