Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crayons and Cheerios

It all started with the tub crayons. Tehya LOVED them. It was like her all time favorite thing and still is. She used to sit fully clothed OUTSIDE the tub and color the tub for a good solid hour, completely content. Well now the little booger has started taking regular crayons and coloring EVERYWHERE. I think she may have confused them with tub crayons and those tub crayons influenced her to color everything. Who wants to be restricted to coloring just in the bath tub? So yesterday I went around the house and checked for crayon marks. I found them on her bedroom door, the bathroom door, the walls, the kitchen floor, my blanket on my bed, her blanket, her door panels, her books and puzzles, everything. She also grabbed a pen and attempted making markings with that. She also takes sidewalk chalk and colors the TV! I have a little artist on my hands, I just wish she'd keep it on her notepads and coloring books.
Also last night, not much to my surprise Tehya decided to grab the cereal box from the cupboard which she can now open. I gave up fighting with her and let her take the box, figuring she'd just eat out of the box. I knew deep down it wasn't a good idea but I was like whatever, I don't care. So I'm doing the dishes while she's in the living room eating cheerios when I hear THAT sound. I turned and looked to see a FULL box of Cheerios being dumped about. I'm like "nooo" but after I said that I just had to laugh at her. Who can get mad at that cute face? Here is the aftermath.

Here's another random video of Tehya loving herself and being a goof.


Wendy said...

She is adorable!

Sarah said...

I had to take the crayons and hide them. Savannah colored on the walls. I think those tub crayons may be a bad idea because they teach the kid to color on house fixtures!! Anyways, she is adorable! I love the mess of cheerios.