Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randomness from the last few days

Is randomness even a word? Spellcheck didn't pick it up so I guess it is, lol.
Sniff face. I actually got it on camera. Tehya's been doing it forever but I never can catch her on camera. She sniffs everything. Food, the air, flowers. Oh and feet! That little toe sniffer! A favorite saying of hers is "stink stink". The second pic is mine and my moms feet, lol.

Here is my little bookworm. Always got her nose in a book. Going to be a smart girl.

Finally, I got her new car seat. Took 3 weeks to get here!! Tehya has a Boulevard in Onyx in our car, we got the Shannon for my mom's car. Oh they are the same thing but they are pretty different! The part that buckles by the crotch in the Shannon is much tighter and more snug than the Onyx. Glad she's not a boy! The shoulder pad things in the Shannon do NOT remove. The Onyx they do. The latch to tighten and loosen the straps in the Shannon are hard to get to, the Onyx is not because you can lift the fabric. I was expecting identical seats but I guess not. Oh well.

Saturday we were at a benefit for my uncle. Tehya had a blast, she ran around with her cousins, she especially loves Madison. Just run back and forth and back and forth, crawl under a table or two..maybe even attempt at climbing one of these chairs until mom notices and pulls me down again. Probably what she as thinking.

Determined To Climb the Rock

Reminds me of THIS picture from the summer..

Just like me, Tehya loves frogs, toads, lizards. Except this one time she attempted murder on a toad! She mistook it for a bug.

Random Picture. I said "smile" and she did real big but by time my stupid camera took the shot this is what I got, lol. I hate shutter delay!

Lastly from Monday, here's another random shot. Her reaction to the vacuum cleaner.

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Jennifer said...

I love all thees pictures, shows what a character she has. So cute!!