Monday, September 8, 2008

Phil Stacy

So following the fair, at 7:30 at night Phil Stacy was going to be there playing some music. We went home for Tehya's nap and returned later for the music. Phil Stacy is a contestant from season 6 of American Idol. He actually wasn't too bad, and seemed like a decent human being.

Here are some pictures and video.

My mom and Tehya watching the show.

Okay so it looks like she's watching the performance, but really she's back to, watching the guy operate the lights. Take note of her laying on the ground, lol.

Here she is watching.

Here is Phil Stacy.

This video is Tehya listening/watching Phil Stacy.

So here Tehya is laying on the cement and rolling on it. I don't know why, but she ALWAYS lays and rolls on the ground regardless of the texture (rock, cement, dirt, etc). She's a strange child, lol . She then proceeds to jump and pounce on me like a sumo wrestler until at the end she gets distracted by the guy operating the lights.

This is us leaving. She was running for the exit gate.

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CFPhilfan said...

I got your blog in my Google alert for Phil Stacey. Thank you for your description of Phil. He is indeed a decent human being,:-) I am one of his "Philnatics," as we call ourselves. He is one of the nicest and humblest people you can ever meet. You can read about him at his music myspace, . He is the son of a pastor, and has lead worship in churches, including his dad's in Hendersonville, TN, back in April, when his brother was sick. He served as the lead singer of a Navy rock band, which would go into places like high schools and perform for the kids as part of recruiting. It was cute to see your daughter listening to him. That was "Be Good to Each Other" that was playing. It was nice to read your blog.