Monday, July 6, 2009

Random June Pics for Blog Catch Up

First day of being vegetarian instead of vegan. Not proud of it, and still intend on going vegan again in the future, hopefully soon, but for now we are vegetarian but still eat vegan foods as much as possible.

Summer dairy joy. First and last one.

We went for a walk and this is the first time we took Tehya for a walk without being worn or in a stroller. She walked all by herself. We also saw some sand pits and let her climb them. How fun!

Visiting Madison and belly swinging, a new fave thing to do she discovered. She loves that she can push herself with her feet.
At home on the swing. She LOVES swinging. Swinging and the sandbox, two favorite things.
Hates dirty feet. last summer she wouldn't step foot on the ground without shoes..this summer she does at times but doesn't like to often.
High school grad. We just happened to be walking through, we didn't know anyone graduating. Her already almost too small hoodie looking really small over a long tank, lol. She likes to climb things too you see...
Early morning waiting for her daddy to get home from work while watching toons.
Sandbox fun.
Couple new blogs to follow...will get to them later. :) Still catching always.

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