Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rainy Days

7AM Saturday morning playing in the rain.

Like seriously it has rained like 90% of the spring/summer, we have done like NOTHING yet. Quite depressing. She has 2 swimsuits with tags on them still, never before worn swim shoes, tons of tanks with tags still on them, tons of shorts that are brand new and lucky if they were worn once, and towels and a "hoodie" for over the swimsuit. I guess I should have stalked fall clothes instead! :( I soo want to move to warmer state..soo bad. Warm though..not HOT 90% of the time! Any ideas? In Maine right now. Cold, long winters, and most boring state ever, with shitty shopping.

Looking at the snails. We call 'em "Gary's" know..from Spongebob, lol. She still likes that show..*sigh*.

Hugging my leg looking up.

The picture quality of these next ones are horrid, lol. I took a couple somewhat decent ones (above) then just snapped away carelessy while running barefoot with Tehya (who had boots) in the mud puddles and field. :) Pics may be slightly out of order..stupid blogger. *sigh*

Water in the eye.

Catching rain. One pic I didn't uploaded her eyes are closed cause just as I snapped a droplet dripped into her eye from the roof, lol.

Wet and for once in her life, ready to go inside, lol.
PS, two new blogs below this that I posted today as well. :)


Sarah said...

Savannah finally got to see some rain in Tucson. It's monsoon season right now. Savannah loved it, minus the thunder.

Erin said...

Yeah I don't miss the rain back in Chicago AT ALL. When rain happens there, it happens for like a week STRAIGHT. Here it rains for an hour the exact same time every day and it's crazy! So much fun. You're moving???? Did Tehya's dad find a new job?