Sunday, July 19, 2009

Play Hard, July 12th

We went to the Elementary School where my mom works at night. We would go to park but the parks around here suck and are not for little kids and have few toys and the ones they have are not that fun for a two year old.

It works out great here, there are 3 playgrounds, big kids, little kids, and preschool kids. The preschool one is OKAY but not too fun for Tehya for a long period...too babyish for her I guess. The little kids one was the funnest, the big kids one she just liked the big slide and teeter totter. There was also a huge hill dividing them she loved running up and down.

We had perfect timing too, we were the only ones there the entire time until a few bigger kids showed up 10 minutes before we left.

So anyway...

When we first got there we sat down to put her shoes on. She ALWAYS kicks them off in the car (I do it too, I hate shoes) so these days we don't even dress her feet until we get to where we are going.


Down to the big kid playground..from the little kids.
First time teeter tottering. She LOVED it! Everytime she went up she giggled uncontrollably, lol. It's my mom on the other end.

Now up at the little kids playground again, lol.
Run away. Headed to the preschool side/playground. Phew. This one to that one back to this and to that..and back...something like so.

Back on the little kids side, lol.
She loved the tunnels and loved to echo in them.
Big kids showed up, she's watching them. She was blocking tunnel exit and the big kid says, "excuse me" and Tehya says "what?" so he says excuse me again and Tehya proceeds with "what?". It went on and on. The way and tone she said was funny, so serious.
Toddler in a bubble...kinda.

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Erin said...

That smoosh face is adorable!!