Tuesday, July 14, 2009

2 1/2

Guess who's officially two and a half? :) As of July 7th.

Been awhile for stats so here it is and very long. :P


Books. Puzzles. Coloring. Drawing. Play Food. Tea Parties. Dress Up. Swinging. Sand Box. Stroller Rides. Running. Spinning. Wiggling. Stickers. Small spaces like boxes, baskets, drawers, etc. Corners. Blocks. ManiPeds. OUTDOORS! Baths/Showers. Animals. Learning. :)


Bugs, yet fear and all, she is fascinated by some. Dirty or Wet Feet. Dirty Anything. The Dark. Strangers. Bird Chirping! Loud Noise.

Food Faves:

Broccoli. Pasta. Ramon Noodles. (vegan)Bacon. Garlic anything. (vegan)Chicken Patties. Rice. ABC Tater Tots. Fries. FROZEN fries. PLAIN Bread. Pickles. Cheerios, dry or w/ milk. Snacks: Potato Chips. Popcorn. Cheerios apply here too. Beverage: Water. MY Tea. :P

Food Dislikes:

Too many to name. I think it's more of not wanting to eat or try things than it is not liking it because even when I KNOW she likes it, she still won't eat it. Or in the morning she says "yucky" to it, yet later that day she says it's "yummy". Once a good eater, now a (super) picky eater. I hope it's a phase.

Favorite Shows:

Wow Wow Wubbzy. Binka. Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. Spongebob (<--bleck @ Spongebob).

Achievements, Milestones, Challenges:

Speech wise she's a talker. She speaks in sentences almost always, and is pretty understandable most of the time. No speech issues or delays, imo I think she is slightly ahead.

Hmm let's see. She knows and can recognize ALL her letters. It's actually too easy for her, no challenge at all. She can write a few letters on paper on her own. She was actually teaching her almost 4 year old cousin the alphabet!! However, although she knows, can recognize and say each letter, she cannot sing the alphabet song beginning to end.

90% of the time she recognizes numbers 1-10. Can say up to 5 numbers consecutively. Example, "3, 4, 5, 6...", "5, 6, 7...". She doesn't always start from 1 though, lol. If you show her any number between 1 and 10, she can tell you what it is.

Shapes is a hit or miss. She knows and says all the shape names..but doesn't always know what shape she's talking about. She knows them, but only while we talk about them..the next day she will forget again, lol. If she sees a shape she randomly says a name..some times she's right, sometimes she's not. She pretty much knows the circle and square though.

Colors, everything is usually yellow to her. I think out of everything, colors is what she is most behind in.

Animals she does excellent, what kid doesn't.

Potty training: I sometimes think she will be still be wearing them at 4 at this rate! 8 MONTHS ago she pooped on the potty and ever since she has been like traumatized and has not used the potty since! She can, is capable, knows how..but she won't. She wears "unnies" a lot and never pees int hem, she holds it, but she wont pee on potty, only in a diaper. She hates dirties, holds it, doesn't pee while she sleeps, don't pee wearing undies, sits on he potty a lot, knows when she has to go (most the time), but will not under ANY circumstance go on the potty. *sigh*

She is very independent and has been since forever. It's kind of sad. She has not let me feed her since she was 13 months old, she's been using real forks/spoons for almost a year, she has been completely off the sippi and using big girl cups ONLY, since 21 months old. She can dress herself (and un-dress), shoes included. She tries to comb her own hair. She plays independently and tells me to leave her room and physically pushes me out! I thought that was a teenager thing? Well I'm glad she at least invites me in sometimes.

She has major sleep issues. Not a typical toddler who is having off days but I am almost positive she has a sleep disorder. One in particular called, non 24 hour sleep wake syndrome. It fits her to a t. She has not slept well ever, not since birth, not now, not ever. I have tried and done EVERYTHING you and I can possible imagine. I've developed anger issues and bad depression dealing with this. I also had depression/anxiety/panic disorder to begin with but this is pushing me over the edge. I won't get into detail, the link tells it all mostly, but know we ARE looking for a doctor and hope to find one we can appreciate SOON.

Cute and funny things she does or has done:

When she means "oopsies" she actually says and pronounces it, "soupies", lol.

She has an accent and it must be from all the non American shows she likes because noone around here has an account, lol. There's only like one American cartoon she likes, and I agree with her, the non American shows are so much better! :)
In the morning to wake me up she says while grabbing my head, "wake a mommy, wake a mommy.." in her cute girly voice until I well..wake up.

While hollering to me she says "mommy....louder" gets a lil louder and says "mommy....louder", raises her voice more and more until I answer her. It's funny she actually SAYS "louder", lol.

She has good manners and she is always apologizing too, saying "I sorry" over EVERYTHING, lol.

She likes to sing 'Rock a Bye Baby' to her babies. Only her lyrics are similiar to this...
"Rock A Baby, Rock A Tree Tree...Tree Top......Rock A Baby....Rock A Tree Top"

She hates when her dad goes to work and newest prevention is grabbing his shoes and running away with them. She tries making him "play" and read books, etc, to distract him from going to work.

I think she is starting to grow out of her lovely and long loved moon obsession. :( She used to be very very VERY much obsessed but not so much these days.

She can and will eat an entire brocolli bushel in ONE sitting.

She likes to wear my camera around her neck and is starting to like the camera and get her picture taking. If I only I could get a picture of her wearing my camera. That's difficult. My spare camera needs a card.

She jumps on her bed singing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed".

The word "no" she says to me more and more these days. *sigh*

Still co-sleeping and nursing. Plan on letting her nurse until 3, if she don't wean before then that's when I'll start weaning. Co-sleeping will continue for a couple years unless she decides to sleep in her bed. Agree or disagree, to each their own, but if you don't have anything nice to say..don't say anything at all.

In the car everytime we stop she says "1...2...3...go!"

Whenever she don't listen I call her "kitty" and then she will cooperate and listen.

If she's hungry OR her belly growls she tells me she's "huggy" aka hungry.

(I'll insert more lil tidbit's tomorrow and finish, I have to log out now)

hair length: 3 inches away from touching her butt crack, I measured. :P
weight: (will update tomorrow)
height: (35" but I swear it said 36" last time I checked so I'll double check tomorrow)
shoe size: (currently wearing a 7)

She looks way bigger than she actually is here and I actually don't like this photo much BUT it's the ONLY picture I took when she was EXACTLY 2 1/2.

I'm not completely finished posting/writing this, I just ran out of time, lol. I'll add a bit more when/if I have free time tomorrow.

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