Thursday, December 18, 2008


December 12th, being pretty next to "dammy's" tree. She calls my mother Dammy. She calls grandpa "Dumpa" and sometimes "Dubba".

The moon on my birthday. Dec. 13th. The closest it's been to earth in the last 15 years. This photo is clickable. :)


Yes, she's licking my birthday cake. She didn't eat any, she spit it out in disgust, lol. She licked the frosting though. Same with oreo's...eats the cream, throws the cookie. I didn't eat any either, just one bite, I hate sweets and that was SWEET.
Yesterday. She thought jumping on the bed was hysterical. She loves chasing and being chased, and she growls, lol.
Today. Snot face. So bundled she can barely move, lol.

With Lambi. One of mums dogs.

Such a snow eater. Who cares about playing, she wants to eat snow.

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