Friday, December 26, 2008

Tehya's 2nd Christmas

Warning: Video is over half hour long, lol. I don't expect anyone to watch the whole thing. :) This is not the final version, I have editing to do and songs to change. Enjoy.

(temp. not subscription ran out)

These are like the only pictures I have..maybe I can make some pics out of my video?
First glance at tree full of presnts.
At my moms, her fave gift...and it only cost $1, lol.
Amazed. Loves that thing. She says "memo memo" aka Nemo.
Watching Ice Age, her current fave movie.
Now at Grandma Cashin's, LOVED that bag but didn't care about the presents.
Just being cute, that's all.
Thanks Grandma Cashin for all the presents.

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Michelle said...

Thanks! Of all places - Walmart! lol :-) I wish they still had them since I'll need a 4th for next year!