Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First day of winter.

Dec. 21st was the official first day of winter, here's some pics from the day.

So it was like 5 degree's out if even that but that wont stop a little playing in the snow.
this photo is clickable, it brings you to my photostream. :)

Later at my moms. Last years snow suit, it still fits! Glad I tried it on before just packing it away like I almost did, I never would have thought it still fit. Happy about this because I LOVE this suit!

This is her almost a year ago wearing this snowsuit.. January 2008...11 months ago.
After I brought Tehya in to get warm, I went back out for a couple pictures.
Only half way through the was snowing hard just can't tell from the pics. Middle picture is clickable.


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lacyboo said...

i love the snowflakes on her little eye lashes...absolutely adorable!