Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well it started out as just walking to the vegan cafe but it was closed ( and the school is directly across the street) so we decided to to take Tehya to the playground instead. Basically all she wanted to do was swing the entire time. Who can blame her, I LOVE to swing too.

Oh and we started out chilly with Tehya in a sweatshirt, then got really hot and into t-shirts and got sunburn in the end. Craziness.

There WAS a swing tide to the tree in the yard by our apartment (see pic below this paragraph) but the neighbor didn't like it up...long got taken down. :( Tehya LOVED it too..she'd literally stay on it hours straight if you let her and still get off kicking & screaming cause well..she didn't ever want to leave it.

At the school's playground.... don't let the blank or down face fool's just her look (same as mine), she really is excited. We always get accused of being mad/sad when we are not because we have that look about us I guess. :P

Somehow convinced her to walk away from the swing.

She loves flowers!

Later that night.

Our matching bags under our eyes, haha, and our matching sun burned noses. :)


Also a NEW blog below this. I point it out because sometimes when you click on blog, if you click the title it only brings you to THAT post and not the entire list of posts. If that made sense. I'm half asleep blogging, lol.


Amanda said...

Awe, what sweet pictures. I love to swing, too! (As does my daughter, but I think I like it more - she's a monkeybars and makebelieve kinda kid).

Erin said...

How cute the matching noses! :) Ok, how does she still have those Gap sunglases? I swear we lost those a year ago. I'm so impressed with Tehya, we've have 6 pairs since then! Love the pics....Canon rocks my world