Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 2nd - May 7th

The mouse she got for her b day but she calls it a bunny. Must be the big ears.

Swinging, her FAVE thing ever. She started swinging on the big girl swing last year but she likes the baby one too...she don't care as long as it swings. This one is not even up anymore, the neighbor didn't like it near her window so she paid to buy a swingset on "our" side of the apartment.



The famous pouty face.



I think it's the moon she sees. Her biggest obsessiont that she has LOVED since forever.

Grapes stuffed in her cheeks, with her grammy.

She has this sun shade tent thing..this year she decides to tip it over and lay on the wrong side and lay upside down. Hmm.

Spaghetti face, one of the very VERY few foods she eats these days.

Books out, little girls in.

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