Thursday, January 22, 2009

restless nights

So the past week Tehya has the weird habit of getting out of bed, and then falling back asleep half under the couch. She gets up, goes and lays her naked body on the cold kitchen floor, stays there like 5 mins, comes in the living room and wiggles around on the living floor and usually it ends she falls asleep half under the couch. 4-5x this week she did this.

She been really restless lately as well. I did check her mouth, she has her two bottom 2nd yr molars that have broke through. She has no symptoms of teething..she always was a good teether..only out of the ordinary thing is restless nights.






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Alyse said...

OMG poor thing. That is terribly adorable but I hope she starts feeling better soon whatever it is that's bothering her.