Thursday, January 15, 2009


She loves play dough. She has a play dough session at least 3-5 times a day upon her request.

This cracks me up, was she pointing at the fridge, I can't remember what she said but she wanted some pepperonis to snack on.

Always SO concerned where her daddy is and she's at the stage where she cries and pouts when he leaves. She protests his leaving for work now. This is actually a moment she wasn't upset about it but was asking where he went. also notice how jumpy she is, everything scares her.

She tries to act like a dog like all the time. She dump stuff just so she can lap it up or get on her hands and knees and eat.


She could be a waitress, lol. She also ALWAYS stacks everything on her plate when she is done eating.

back in December.... (stacking)

Ok this seriously has been her favorite toy since she was like 6 months old. She was looks like she's crying, lol.


She has serious sleep issues. So restless lately. She crashed on the floor here almost 2AM.

Loves using the computer, she "types" and controls the mouse, lol. She demanded to wear her babylegs.

She so into pretending and her tea parties have progressed into dress up. I'd share pics but they came out horrible and fuzzy. She goes through the clean laundry and wears everyone's clothes, including wearing my underwear over her diaper. She always had a shoe fetish, that started over a year ago. :)
She's so sincere and caring. Her little girly "oh no's" and "uh oh's". She was watching Ice Age and she's all like..."oh no...uh oh...don't fall......okay okay?". She sees the moon and says "careful..don't fall". She's a sweetie. She really thinks it's gonna fall..poor thing.


Amanda said...

These are all too cute! I know how the daddy attachment goes. Kenzie just got into the wanting to marry daddy phase. The other day she told me I might as well just move out. The things that kid comes up with, lol . . . I also love the pointing at the fridge.

Alyse said...

Hi I am from CafeMom... Your daughter is so freaking adorable!