Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Look

The famous look. She was really annoyed with me. I was tying to take her picture and she's always a tough subject, she won't be still or look at ya for anything, lol. I'm like hey, she can't peddle her bike on rug so I put her on her bike and take a quick a shot, I know I know mean mommy. Well I propped her on the bike and so she wanted me to help her peddle and I' like just a second, I want to take your picture first and she gave me this awful mad face and stared at me without moving a muscle for several minutes as if she thinking, "okay mum, take the darn pic and hurry up". You probably had to be there but it was so funny....Tehya didn't think so though.

this photo is clickable and will bring you to my photostream. :)


Just moments before she got annoyed.


Later, not mad anymore, lol.

Next morning video, thought I'd add it in, it's cute. She does a funny eye thing whenever she spins.


Andrea said...

Wow...that's a talant to spin that long! haha I would definitely get sick!

Michelle said...

Yup we still had to do Christmas with some friends and apparently were still getting gifts in the mail! All the Christmas is packed away now :)