Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The week leading to Wednesday, lol.

I changed the blog dates so they would appear in order, lol. I blogged out of date order. My compulsiveness made me change dates so they are orderly.

She loves to spin in this chair!

Favorite place sit, on top of the back of the couch...

Watching her 1st year video.

She meant to say Bubba (my moms dog name) but it came out as dubba dubba, lol.

Notice pants, they were to her ankles now they are Capri's, lol. Shh don't tell no one that they aren't supposed to be like that.

"Brrr" and "Shoe"

Everything after ^^^^ those days she was sick.

"real" Tea Party. Anything to make the sick girl forget she's sick.

"bubba" Yelling at Bubba cause he's barking. And then, shhh.

Doesn't this make you sad, so sick. She's a booger eater too.

Watching TV.

A brief non sick moment.

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