Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treating

We took Tehya to the elementary school to trick or treat, with her costume it was too cold to walk around town, plus my mom works at the school so we went there.
She was SHY and bashful. She gave everyone "the look" as we call it, lol. She was every one's favorite and was the hit of the party.

After we were done trick or treating everyone she finally came out and bashful mode and wanted to go around again. The first time we did most the work for her, this time SHE wanted to do it herself but she already been around once so she couldn't go. There were a couple people she gave the puppy dog eyes too so she got candy twice from the same person!

All and all, she had a lot of fun. Next year we are going to walk around town.
Shortly after arriving, was feeling unsure. She kept quivering cause she was scared.
"the look" the look she gives strangers or people she don't like. it's a typical look, lol.
Mini video of the first person she trick or treated by herself.
Getting in the way, again, lol.
Going to trick or treat Santa.
Finally getting even braver after she realized she was getting candy from every one.
My mom and Tehya
Tehya at her very bravest, lol, but some reason 5 minutes later the lady still didn't give her any candy until I told her she was waiting for some. Tehya just stood there and stared until the woman finally gave her a piece.
Leaving, headed to her see her other grandma on dads side. She wouldn't let go of that bag for nothing, lol
At the other grandmas. I don't remember what was so funny. I think she was trying to open something?
My funny face.


Andrea said...

She was so cute in that costume!! I can't believe that lady just ignored her!! Carolina would get doube candy too, she would look at the people and say 'More?', lol.

Sarah said...

I love her costume! So cute. And what a need idea to trick or treat in a school.