Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday (It's a long one)

I don't have all my pics and video's on this pc for the week, just today's so I'll catch up from the week leading up to today later if I get around to it, lol.

Tehya's been sick since the morning after Halloween. Poor thing, she's REALLY sick. Low grade fever for several days, no poop for 5 days, hasn't ate for 3 days and counting. Sore throat for at least 3 days now. Starting to wonder if it's strep. She is starting to feel better although she still doesn't feel great. :( Phone call to the doc (again) in the morning.

We went outside for fresh air, it was very nice out today. She actually felt OKAY for a small amount of time.

Playing with leaves

"choo choo" A train was going by in background.

Sasha my kitty.



Trying to get the door open.

"uppy". Normally she does it by herself, but today wanted assistance. :)

Doing something funny with her tongue.

O face she made, her reaction to my mixing pudding.

Pudding and icecream. She didn't even try either one. We tried bribing her to eat.


Another funny tongue thing. (I later find a large white sore on it!)

So tired and sleepy today.

The sky across the road this evening/night.

It was HER idea to cut her toe nails. She loves it. She just woke up not long ago, lol.

Then we painted her fingers and toes. She also enjoyed that. My girly girl.

*edit* turns out Tehya was not sick as in having a cold or flu sick, she was sick because of mouth sores! See this blog for details.

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