Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

I think every year since Tehya was born we have gone to Bryant Pond for Memorial day. It is a pretty lame parade but it is tradition and it is my hometown. I always feel so at home there, it takes away that weird home sickness I have when I am not there. Tehya, my mom and I always go up.

Before we went straight to the parade we stopped at Rickies for a potty run and we had a few minutes to kill. I grew up in that house for awhile too. Tehya loves it there because Ricky always has chickens. I am SO getting some chickens (and other animals) when I get my dream farmhouse. I don't know why, I just love chickens. ;)

Then we go to the village (also where I used to live, and we walk down to the Grange Hall & Library, and wait. Tehya and cousin Madison waiting patiently for the speech to finish so the parade will start. I am so glad is was a cooler day, last year was VERY hot.

Every year there is less and less kids. There was a very small handful this year, wasn't many at all the last  few years either. Not like when I was a kid. Once my generation grew up the tiny town got quiet. :/

Finally, it starts. Tehya loves marching. It was cute. She was the only one marching but it rubbed off on Madison a little. I had  video but I cannot find it, shoot. She marched the whole way there and most of the way back.

Into the cemetery. 

Waiting for the gun fire.

My mom, aunt Linda, Tehya & Madison. Girl in blue is Madison's friend, not sure her name.

Back at Ricks. My mom, Tehya, Aunt Cindy and I was dragged up in the woods by Tehya. Tehya asked Cindy to go with her and when Cindy asked her why Tehya responded with "in case there are bears", ha.

As a kid we were always in these woods, every single day. Memories. All the four-wheeler paths are growing over and don't look like paths so much anymore. :(

Playing while the food grills. I didn't get any pics of the food and stuff. I also didn't get any pictures of Lisa and her baby, I was a photo slacker today.

Lets see who was present..

Tehya, my mom, me, Rick, Cindy, Joe, Linda, Tim,  Josh and his girlfriend Sylvia, her daughter Kylie who is 6 months younger than Tehya. Madison and Deziree. Lisa and the baby too. Brian showed up just as we left but I didn't see him.

Tehya got super mad at one point. She tried SO hard to catch a chicken and when she couldn't she got angry and went and sat by herself on the porch and was miserable for awhile. So I had my food with her up there just the two of us and convinced her to perk up.

The other girls went to her to cheer her up, here they are plotting how to catch a chicken together, hehe. 

I wish I didn't get a leaf in Madison's face here. They are off to catch chickens. She did eventually with help catch one, thank goodness, I didn't want another emotional breakdown because the tears were swelling up.

We were going to go the beach, the Pub,  like we usually do on Memorial Day but it was chilly, slightly rainy and getting late so we just went home and called it a day.

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