Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

 Tehya had a great Valentine's Day. Her comments were, "this is the greatest Valentine's Day ever" and told me I was her "favorite girl ever" and it was her "favorite Valentine's Day ever". :) She wasn't allowed to celebrate this day at school or any holiday's, even though it was a regular public school and all the other close districts did and the next grades up did. . Her Preschool was very strange about a lot of things.

She got this at Build A Bear a couple weeks before for VDay from her father. We took a 2 hour round trip with her to go make that thing, not including shopping time.

Ignore the birthday badge, Tehya told the lady she was 5 (she turned 5 the month before) and the lady for whatever reason thought her birthday was coming up and Tehya didn't correct her, and was proud of 6th birthday badge, haha.

The morning of. All ready for school. She looks thrilled. I think she might have been mad about something but I can't remember what.

Sitting on the table waiting for to get home, to go get her at the bus stop. She got a card from my mom and myself, chocolate, vday cookie cutter set, Lady and the Tramp dvd and a small container of heart stickers. Oh and candy hearts too, just can't see them.

She loves XOXO's. So I made A LOT of them. 

She arrives.

I would say she was happy with the movie. She jumped up and down, I couldn't get a clear photo. 

She loves chocolate. 


Card from Grammy.

Card from Mama. She was counting the X's and O's.

Checking out her card from me.

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