Tuesday, December 28, 2010

back from dentist, this kid cracks me up

as some of you know tehya has dental issues from the time her teeth came in. she's been to the dentist like 6 times plus has had dental work twice. well in the past she's already had on tooth pulled, a silver crown, fillings plus her front two teeth are capped. she also has a gum disease she'll have the rest of her life but we are lucky with no recent flare ups.

(just fyi, we care for her teeth greatly and properly. the care is not why her teeth are horrible, it's just the way her teeth are.)

anway her front two they told us wouldn't last that long because they were worked on TWICE. so over the last year they keep getting looser. well being put in the carseat once last week she accidentally got bopped in the mouth so it got really loose. :( for a week her tooth hurt and she couldn't eat much of anything without pain and being holidays she had to tough it out because the dentist office was closed.

finally we got in today so they could remove it. i told her ahead of time they would pull her tooth so there were no surprises and she could prepare herself, she was scared when she got there but when the lady called her name she got brave again and followed the assistant back as she pointed to her tooth telling the story of how her tooth hurt, lol. the lady asked her how she was and tehya says, "i'm having a bad day", lol. she hopped in the chair, did everything asked, had her mouth open before she was even sitting. they gave her some gas and told her it was going to smell like pancakes, she watched tv while they worked, 10 minutes later were done. :)

we get in the waiting room so i could use the bathroom before we left and tehya says " i want to see a mirror" so i took her in the bathroom and she looked in the mirror and with excitement she says, "i love it!!". silly kid.

finally we went to cabelas because we said she could go if she was good for the dentist and when we got there she tried to whistle (she's a pro whistler and whistles constantly) and her mouth was numb so she says "i lost my whistle". i told her to practice and it'd come back, sure enough a little later she was whistling again non stop.

then we went to the food court to eat and she kept licking her lips and getting frustrated saying, " i can't lick my lips", lol, i'm like you are licking your lips, you just can't feel it because your lips are numb. then she was telling me, "the dentist put pancakes on my nose". they told her that's what the gas smelled like.

finally we are home, and she's as good as new, one tooth less. she's looks different now but still cute with her toothless smile. haha. :) her other front tooth is super loose too, i give it a few more months before it falls out. then she'll be 3 teeth down.

i'll update later with a picture, right now she's napping.

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