Thursday, September 30, 2010


We had another 6 month follow up today, this is like her 4th cleaning, not including TWO dental work visits. We live at the dentist it seems. She did SO well, I'm so proud of her, everytime we go I sit further and further away from her. Her first visit she was on my lap crying, the second on my lap and okay, the third visit I just held her hand her dad right there too, this visit we sat way across the room. Hope she don't kick us out next time, ha.

The assistant came out, called Tehya's name and she proudly followed the lady back her dad and I following behind, hopped right up into the chair all by herself. There was a kid on the other side of the wall, like 4 years older and this other girl was screaming and crying and not cooperating at all. It was so bad she even made ME nervous. I'm thinking great, Tehya is going to be traumatized just by listening to this other kid but it didn't phase her a bit. She had her mouth open before the lady was even ready, I don't think she closed it barely at all, even when she didn't have to she held it open. Then her cleaning was done and she told Tehya the dentist will be over to look in a minute so Tehya lays back down and taps her fingers on the armrest while she waited, it was cute.

Finally we left, I asked Tehya if she had fun and she enthusiastically says yes. Then randomly after we got home says to me, "the was a REALLY good doctor", lol. My big girl. Here I was expecting the worst and she was very well behaved, brave and independent. :)

Her teeth were pretty much okay, was just told to brush her gums a little better and her teeth that has had work are slightly lose so they will fall out early, in the next year or two probably.

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