Monday, March 30, 2009

Early March

She loves "BOB BOB" aka Spongebob. Biggest fan I know. Me..I HATE Spongebob, although I must admit, shamefully, he may be starting to grow on me. :(

This is early March so her hair has grown since, blogging really late, but she has random days where her hair curls a little bit. Strange because her hair is as straight as straight gets. Doesn't do it often but only on rare occasions. Her hair too, changes color frequently. Some days she's blondie, some days she is brown/dark blonde, in the summer she has a lot of red headed days which I LOVE the most!

Milk bubbles, a new...and now getting annoying thing.

So she was napping and I wanted to take a picture of her sleeping. Well I mistakenly woke her up and it resulted in this sad face. Mean mommy I am, I still snapped a few photos because it's so pitifully (is that
a word?) cute. This photo is clickable and will bring you to my photostream. :)

Books have always been and probably will always be her favorite past time.

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Mama Mindx12 said...

Her hair is gorgeous! I wish Lexi's would grow faster!!