Monday, March 30, 2009

Didn't make the cut...(outtakes)

I'm so tired of ruining cute photos because of my low light situation. I will not use my flash, an external yes, but not on board. My camera will not adapt an external, I can't wait for my NEW dslr!

I am getting sooo frustrated with my photos. First I'm only using a powershot, although I shoot 100% on manual. My apartment is very dark and toddler is very fast. Bad combo. Bad on there own..worse together. I don't have the proper lighting. I do have a light kit but it's large and hard to maneuver in a tiny apartment. Not to mention a tiny 2x4 space I try to confine her to for photos..the only available room I have. So anyway.... Stop making excuses and get creative right? I know..I know. :(

dark = low shutter + moving toddler = blur and out of focus = frusterated mom


Her hair is getting so long..I love it.'s a love/hate relationship.

I salvaged one..through much editing..even though my crop is way too square. I should really fix that. photo is also clickable. :)

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