Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sick Girl

I don't have much to blog about really. Tehya's got a little cold and this is the first time she's ever gotten sick in her life. Probably because I bragged too much that she was never sick? Who knows. We've all been sick. I've had migraines with upset stomach, middle of the night heartburn. Tehya's dad had aches and pains and headaches. Tehya, she has a cold but didn't get it from us, we had something else. Her poor nose, it's running like faucet. She's getting fed up with me wiping it, must be getting sore. It's 12:45AM, Tehya's still up, trying to get her down, I'm wide awake, her dad's at work. I offered her some tea to drink because awhile back when I was fighting a cold, tea worked miracles, but she wont drink tea. Anyways. I just gave her a shower to wash the sickies away and to maybe wind her down for bedtime, here's a few shots. She loves showers, she much prefers them over a bath. Works great for me, they are so much easier, and faster if I'm in a hurry.


Mama Mindx12 said...

Aww sweet girl she looks miserable but adorable as always! I hope you all feel better soon being sick stinks! lol <3

Jennifer said...

Maya is the same. She had a small cold once before about a year ago and thats been it until recently! I felt like it was because I was bragging about how she never gets sick then - BAM!! It hits the both of us. I rarely get sick, last time was before I was preggo with Maya!! We were so sick a couple weeks ago and it's torture to see your little one feeling miserable. She actually let me cradle her for a while one night because she felt so gross. She doesn't let anyone cradle her anymore! It was comforting for me too. I hope Tehya is feeling much better now!