Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Collector

So Tehya loves collecting. We grab a bucket and go outside to get leaves, rocks, sticks, etc. Whatever is we collect though she sticks to that one thing, she won't collect two diferent objects, they have to be all the same. Also they have to be "perfect". She wont pick up a dirty or ripped one. This hunt was for acorns. She refused to pick up squished or broken ones, lol.

Before the hunt began..
It begins.

Tree Hugger.
Stump Climber.

Stretching way out for that acorn.
The collection.
Done. Going inside now.
Video capture of the acorn hunt.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Haha that is too cute. Savannah is a collector as well... more an organizer than anything. She loves to dump out boxes to sort the contents into piles of like objects. I'll have to take her out on a scavenger hunt but I don't know what we will find... definitely not acorns in the desert. I like her little frog basket too!