Friday, June 5, 2009

Swing Set and Water Guns, June 2nd

Squeezed into last years dress. I'm trying to get her into last years clothes one more time before I pack them up. A lot of them still fit well.

She will fit into 18-24 months but that's a perfect fit and I don't buy that size anymore, her waist is 12 months size (I measured her waist w/ measuring tape) and her leg length is 2T (few 18-24 length). Figure that one out while clothes shopping.

Climbing up the slide.

Mini b&w version.
6.2.09 b&w


Blurry because I was squirting her with a squirt gun while taking her picture. She had her mouth open trying to catch the water.

She is paler than me and I am very pale myself. We don't tan..we burn (when sunscreen doesn't work or gets forgotten). I've never had a tan and neither has she. Only tan I ever had was from a tanning booth I went to one year but I don't tan anymore..I don't want wrinkles and skin cancer or to look super old when I am only slightly old, lol. :P I wear white proudly, lol.

The "nervous" or cautious face she makes right before she goes down the slide.


Squirting mommy.

Taking cover, hiding from getting wet. Water gun fight.

Umm hun, you got the water gun backwards...

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